Tea Blends

Ready to brew tea blends: Deep Relaxation. Going Bush. Moontime. Dreaming. Grounding. Digestion. Breathe Easy. Cleansing.

Simply these are herbs picked at their best and dried with care, usually on a new lunar cycle. Each blend is imbued with healing intentions for returning the body and spirit to centre.

Consultations are available over the phone or in person to receive guidance on which plants would suit you to balance your unique constitution or address what you require specifically. I can offer advice on how best to prepare and use the herbal blend, for example as in an infusion or a steam. Then together we will determine the right kind of herbs to blend together uniquely for you, to assist the clearing and cleansing of the aura or energy body, and the nourishing of your physical organs and systems. This approach is intuitive, practicing deep listening and observing how the body expresses and interacts with the energies of the elements.