Salt and Earth

Grounding and cleansing herbal salts, earthen clay, plant powders, petals and blessings blended into a scrubbing polish.

How to use

Get totally naked, ideally in the morning. Massage plenty of the scrub all over your body, first in the areas where the lymph nodes are located, and then moving towards those areas to stimulate flow and clearing out of any toxin build up.

It can also be used for soaking your body deep in a soft, mineral rich bath, or just popping your feet in a small tub with hot water for a low key evening self nurture practice.

Salt cleans the energy field and Earth heals and grounds us. Clear out the old and allow for flow.

Organic whole plant powders are used to fragrance and add herbal medicine to these scrub and soak blends. I chose to avoid using essential oils, based in the knowledge that everything that we put on the skin we absorb and must process out of the body, and that can do damage if those things aren’t nourishing or adding balance to the ecology. Essential oils contain masses of plant material and so are extremely impactful, wasteful and laborious to create. In more wild world, we wouldn’t be likely (or able) to find and ingest so much of the plant! So my intention for these Salt and Earth medicines, is to remember the simple ways.