Ritual Oils

Certified organic plant oils, infused with flower, leaf, root or bark of medicinal herbs. Crafted on the waxing crescent of a new lunar cycle and allowed to steep in the dark for many moons.

Self massage is an ancient beauty practice. Use in place of moisturiser in your daily skin care, or as an anointing oil in ceremonial work. As well as hydrating and giving your skin a fresh dewy or plump and nourished look, these oils feed our internal organs vitamins and minerals through the bloodstream.

Some blends use plants have protective qualities and can be valuable to use prior to entering astral experiences or meditative states. All are nourishing and soothing. Different skin types love different oils and plant blends, and you might like to have different kinds in the day or night and for face or body.

Sun Beam. Golden Calendula Shimmer oil. Powerful skin healer.

Womb Nurture. A Clary Sage and Castor based herb oil for soothing the womb space.

Green Goddess. Seasonal mineral rich green herb blend infused in Hemp and Avocado.

Rose Camellia Plum. A light nourishing sweet heart for faces.

Chamomile Baby. Soothing for sensitive skin.

Plantain Oil. Antiseptic. First aid helper.

Yarrow Oil. Skin healing. Protection. Healthy boundaries.