About our Herbal Remedies

Botanical Elixirs are a highly alkalising, delicious, gentle yet powerful way to take medicinal herb varieties, with the benefits of all the ingredients supporting healthy immune system and digestion, as an alternative to alcohol based tinctures. The herbs are soaked in a combination of organic apple cider vinegar and waiheke island Manuka and wildflower honey which works as a water based extraction and natural preservative. This preparation is also referred to as an Oxymel.

All of the herbs are grown organic or spray free in regenerative fairy gardens on Waiheke island, or respectfully wild harvested around Aotearoa. I tend towards harvesting on a new moon, with the intention of allowing the plant to continue to grow with greater ease. I also use certified organic herbs when I am unable to harvest particular plants I wish to work with.

How to use

A whole dropper full straight onto or under the tongue. This is best done first thing in the morning to wake up your digestion and start your day on a vibrant note, with tending to your inner ecology as a form of self love and nurture. Take as frequently as you intuitively feel you require the support of the plants. Another suggestion is to take prior to a meditation to allow some quiet space to connect with the more subtle healing energies of the plant spirits.

They can be mixed with a hot water or herb tea as a warming brew, or dripped over ice and sparkling water for a cooling summery sip.

Medicinal Properties

Honey and apple cider vinegar have been used in traditional folk remedies for hundreds of years. These ingredients both help to boost the immune system, soothe sore throats and can assist in rebalancing the digestive system.

Raw Organic apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid, and the kind we use is unfiltered which means it also contains “mother” strands of enzymes, proteins and other helpful bacteria.

Honey has nourishing and bacterial balancing properties, as well as the warm, sunshine healing, communal ecology buzz of bee energy. It has natural sugars.

Each herb has it’s own healing properties and unique medicine to share.

Physically the alkaloids present in the plant material assist your body to regenerate cells and heal quickly, strengthening your unique ecosystems ability to overcome dis-ease. Energetically and vibrationally plants have the ability to heal the etheric field and emotional body.

These herbal medicines are made with the intention to invite you to connect with the energies of local wild and tended plants and their individual gifts and healing properties, as well as offering a moment each day to strengthen your connection to the natural ways and your wild, higher self as you tap into your original blueprint of vital health and well-being.