Botanical Elixirs

Flower Power Elixir

Rose, Hibiscus, Red Clover, and Self Heal

Joy and empowerment
Beauty blend
Self love
Sexual healing
Heart opening

Venus rules all the flowers in this blend. Crown heart and Root Chakras

Valerian Root Elixir

Sleep aid
Soothes anxiety 
Nervous system support
Deep rest

I am at peace with life’s flow. I am safe and held by Mother Earth

Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Root Chakra

Marshmallow Root Elixir

Supports good digestion
connect to life’s sweetness
Inner child
Gut healing

I am a grounded, flowing channel for life’s beauty.

Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Sacral Chakra

Kawakawa Elixir

Rose Elixir

Womb Love Elixir