Herbal medicines made with care and intention for whole-being, earth loving health and beauty. A bridge for Plant Beings to dance upon with us in our journey to full health, supporting our self-care as we tend to the gardens and temples of our bodies and the spirit, our true home.

All of Starflowers medicines and creations are gentle on the earth’s ecology, inside us and within our greater landscape. With completely certified organic or trustworthy spray free ingredients and no waste packaging. All making has an impact, and we are committed to best practice when it comes to the resources we use.

Ocean and River Friendly!
These are 100% natural products, with no essential oils. This allows them to be very pure, skin and immune system safe, whilst caring for the living waters of earth.

All of the herbs are organically grown in regenerative faery gardens on Waiheke Island, or respectfully harvested in wild places around Aotearoa, with attention to the movements of Marama, the moon.

These medicines are also infused with the healing energies of Reiki.
Personal Reiki therapy sessions also available by appointment.

Spring Offerings

Tending to the body as a temple garden housing the spirit

Fresh Herbal Remedies

Botanical Elixir or Oxymel, is a Traditional folk medicine with potent immune supporting ingredients. A highly alkalising, yummy way to include herbal extracts in self care.

Flowers, roots, barks, and leaves infused in raw wildflower and Manuka waiheke honey and organic apple cider vinegar base.

Body Temple

Beautiful conscious body care. To be used in all our daily water blessings in bathtubs, showers, rivers or buckets. Cleanse and nourish the body and refresh heart and soul with these herb infused beauty spells.

Anointing oils. Cleansing oil. Daily care oils. Salt and Earth Scrubs. Steaming herbs.

The creation of Starflower is a prayer to restore and regenerate life. In our guts, in our gardens, our collective understandings of healing, our minds, our villages and towns, our cultures big and small.

The invitation with these offerings to our bodies who hold us in life is one of love. To say thank you. To tune in to the senses and is to deepen relationship with old, wild and natural ways. Connecting to the elements and the plants. Getting our roots into the earth and allowing life’s innate healing capabilities into your world. Moving always towards true radiant health and harmony, attuned with the rhythms of the seasons.

Papatuanuku has so many gifts to share in supporting you to be our own own healers.  Her natural abundance is divine. These creations come with a reminder of our connection to the living Mother Earth. As we receive these blessings from the natural world I invite you to observe your own natural habitat and how you could offer something back, in gratitude to the generous and unconditional support we receive each day. She needs us now, not just to enjoy her fruits but act as guardians of her sacred lands. I invite you to inquire within yourself as well as out in your local community and environment, how you could give back to the land and waters around your home, with love and awareness of how to preserve and honour the beauty of nature.